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5 Proven Benefits Of Remote Work For Companies

The key to differentiating between a workplace fad and an economic strategy lies in the hands of the businesses. If corporate leaders throughout the world believe remote work is beneficial to the sustainability of their brand, then they’ll invest in the development of it as a resource.

In other words, if there is value in telecommuting for organizations, there is value for the world. But whether or not remote work is truly beneficial for organizations continues to remain in debate while managers hesitate to approve flexibility requests and infamous policy retractions also generate international attention.Tleaves economists and business leaders wearily wondering: Is there any evidence that can inform a final decision, once and for all, on whether or not remote work will benefit a company?

Well, yes. The topic of remote work is producing a lot of attention — and research. There are many reports that tout the benefits of remote work from organizations like OwlLabs and Buffer, but privately-sourced data is in danger of biased results. So, to ensure that the information for this article was pure and credible, a collection of statistics was sourced from the world’s leading research institutions studying the topic of telework, including Gallup, Harvard University, Global Workplace Analytics, and Stanford University.

So, what where the results?

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