Gemini era

Bard Becomes Gemini: Pros, Cons, and What It Means

Bard Evolves into Gemini: What to Know

Google AI's popular chatbot Bard has been rebranded as Gemini. This update brings more powerful capabilities, a revamped user interface, and expanded language support. Some advantages include direct access to Google's advanced AI models and new creative features. Potential concerns center around limited availability and understandable privacy considerations given the AI's access to personal data. Overall, Gemini signifies Google's continued investment in user-friendly, cutting-edge AI technology.

Bard Google

Beyond the Brainstorm: How AI is Supercharging UI/UX Design with Bard

The landscape of UI/UX design is shifting. Enter Bard, Google AI's cutting-edge language model, poised to become your new secret weapon. Forget creative roadblocks and tedious prototype iterations. Bard unlocks a world of innovative possibilities, from sparking unique visual concepts to refining user journeys and crafting captivating copy. 


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